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(Writer’s) Relief For All Your Submission Aches And Pains

Published on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 by

by Writer’s Relief

Picture Credit: Colin Adamson

Suffering from submission fatigue?

Writer’s Relief is happy to be here on Virtual Writers today to tell you a little bit about how our system helps creative writers make better, more professional, more efficient submissions to literary agents and editors.

And here’s the news of the day: We’ll be giving away a copy of our e-book The Goal-Oriented Writer to one lucky commenter who leaves a note on this blog post by August 9, 2013. But first, learn about who we are and how we can help you with your submission strategy.

The Beginning of Writer’s Relief

Writer’s Relief was born in 1994 when a friend asked Ronnie L. Smith to manage her poetry submissions for her. Since then, we’ve been helping poets and short prose writers successfully submit their works for publication in literary journals. We’ve also been helping novelists, memoirists, and other book authors connect with literary agents so they can get their books published at major presses.

How We Work

We can handle as much or as little of the submission process as our clients like. Some clients want us to do everything—from proofreading and formatting, to researching the best-suited literary agents or editors, to putting submissions in the mail (or submitting online), to tracking editorial feedback from readers.

Other clients just want our expert targeting; we do the research and provide a handpicked list of the best markets for a given work.

Either way, writers pay a flat fee for this ultra-specialized secretarial and consulting service. Visit our website to learn more about our various services, and find the one that will solve your submission woes.

What Can Writers Get For Free?

Writer’s Relief offers many, many freebies on our website. These are just a few of the free writers resources that can improve your submission strategy:

Plus, we also host regular contests, giveaways, and games on our social networks like Facebook and Twitter. So stop by and say hello today!

Writer’s Relief has been helping creative writers make better, more effective submissions since 1994—and we’re still going strong.

Thanks so much to Virtual Writers for hosting us today!

Remember: Leave a comment by August 9, 2013 to win a copy of our free e-book The Goal-Oriented Writer. And have a great day!

QUESTION: What part of the submission process do you find most burdensome?

Picture Credit: Colin Adamson

7 Responses
    • I’ve been subscribed to Writer’s Relief newsletter for years and love the articles for writers.

    • I’m a new lover of writer’s relief and I have to say everything I have encountered so far has been really helpful. You guys make the harder parts of being a writer (sifting through submission opportunities, tips for revision and creating your author website) much more manageable. This is a great resource for any writer! Thanks for all that you guys do!

    • I do love Writer’s relief; hoping for a chance at the ebook as I am not (yet) goal-oriented.

    • I’m really glad I discovered Writer’s Relief on Twitter! Just from your posts alone, I’ve learned some great writing tips and appreciate the ease of access to live chat & e mail with your staff on your website. Being new to Twitter AND the “biz” of writing, it’s good to know you’re out there as a resource to help guide me along the way to getting published. I’m looking forward to submitting some of my poetry to your contest coming up this month (since I missed it last month). Thank you for all you do and provide for us Literary Artists! 😀

    • Writers Relief is a great resource!

      The part of the submissions process i find most burdensome is finding the journals that are the best match for each piece of work

    • I would say the most burdensome part of the submission process is the synopsis. Every publisher and agent seems to have a different definition of what a synopsis should contain, and how long it should be, so you end up re-writing it time and time again.

    • Congratulations to Carole Caprice! You’ve won Writer’s Relief’s e-book The Goal-Oriented Writer. Your comment warmed their hearts!

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