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Pretence by Gillian Jackson

Published on Saturday, November 16, 2013 by

For Rae Chapman the months before her wedding should be the happiest time of her life but the same troubling nightmare that disturbed her sleep in childhood has returned once more. Could something from the past be trying to re-surface? Are they only dreams, or long lost memories? Rae begins a journey to find out more about her past and discovers a family secret which throws her world into turmoil.

Lydia appears to have led a life of ease and privilege but now has a decision to make, one she has put off for nearly forty years and one which will shock her family and friends. As time is running out she turns to Maggie Sayer for help but is it already too late?

Linda thought she had escaped an oppressed life when her husband left, but has she simply exchanged one difficult situation for another and how can she support and protect her only child but still do the right thing?

As always, therapeutic counsellor Maggie Sayer seeks to give her best to these clients but is shocked by an unexpected turn of events in her friend’s life and finds that her support is needed much closer to home.

What are the main themes of your book?

‘Pretence’ is the third book in a trilogy about therapeutic counsellor Maggie Sayer and her clients. Three clients feature in each novel bringing some diverse contemporary issues which, with Maggie’s help are eventually resolved.

Who or what inspired your story?

I developed an interest in psychology and counselling about eight years ago after personal experience of how powerful a tool it can be. This led to training and a job I love and also to writing, hence Maggie Sayer was born!

What do you like best about your primary characters?

Maggie has had some pretty hard knocks in her life but has taught herself to live in the moment, a mantra she encourages her clients to adopt. I particularly like her feisty friend Sue, who says it how it is!

What are their worst peculiarities?

Maggie can perhaps come over as a bit of a goody-two-shoes but she is the one who grounds all the other characters, a much needed rock in times of turmoil.

How does your main character evolve?

As Maggie ages she’s perhaps becoming a bit more forceful, maybe even picking up her friend’s no-nonsense attitude!

What’s the principal message you want to send to your audience?

To portray therapeutic counselling as a positive tool in achieving emotional well being, rather than a whim for rich people to dabble in.

What’s the nicest thing anyone has said about your book?

‘Pretence’ was only recently released but one review of ‘The Counsellor’ ended with this phrase which I was pleased to see.

I thought I’d worked out the ending – but was only partly right and it came with a bitter-sweet twist that added depth to the story even as it wrung my heart! Some of the images are really good, too and I look forward to reading more ‘ Maggie’ Books by this talented author.’

Where can we purchase it?

KoboNook  | Amazon UK/US

About the Author

Gillian lives in the North East of England where her early, extremely busy career was as the owner and manager of a fifty place Day Nursery. These days life is more sedate with her time devoted to family and writing.

‘Pretence’ released in July 2013 is the third in the ‘Maggie Sayer’ trilogy. When she can bear to be separated from her lap top Gillian also works voluntarily for Victim Support, visiting and supporting victims of crime.  Her training in therapeutic counselling inspires her writing, with all three novels, ‘The Counsellor’ ‘Maggie’s World’ and ‘Pretence’ following protagonist Maggie Sayer, a therapeutic counsellor and several of her clients, allowing readers the unique opportunity of being a ‘fly on the wall’ in counselling sessions. There are some gritty contemporary issues in the novels but all are dealt with in a sensitive and non offensive manner. Gillian is a great believer in happy endings!

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