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Hell Scrolls by J. Charles Sterin

Published on Sunday, December 8, 2013 by

What are the main themes of your book?

Following the brutal murder of his Chinese lover, successful filmmaker Carl Benjamin is drawn into the dark world of espionage and Chinese organized crime Triads – and down the rabbit hole of history as he struggles to understand the secret past of his father who served in China and was recruited in 1949 by the Israeli Mossad. Carl and close friend and former special forces officer Clarence Washington are soon joined by the beautiful daughter of his father’s old Mossad controller. They’re chased across Europe and Southeast Asia by the sexually perverted daughter of the most powerful Triad leader, by the CIA, and by the unfinished legacies of their fathers, and use the coded messages within a set of Chinese Hell Scrolls to gain a tenuous upper hand. Filled with intrigue, action, and explicit sexual encounters – rooted in 35 years of wars and criminal power-plays – Hell Scrolls delivers everything fans of history-rooted thrillers want.

Who or what inspired your story?

I’m a long time documentary filmmaker and screenwriter.  Hell Scrolls is the first of a planned trilogy inspired by a series of screenplays I wrote some years ago.  I’m fascinated by the concept of historic legacy and how current events are often rooted in history.  I’m also interested in playing “what ifs” in my writing –For example:  In the case of Hell Scroll what if the early Israeli Mossad had direct contacts with the Chinese National KMT warlords back in 1949, and what “legacy” would that have created that might impact on more recent world events.

What do you like best about your primary characters?

My primary characters are real with all the potential, challenges and flaws that means. They are not perfect. They don’t come to the chase with all the skills needed to be super-spies. They grow into the roles that events in the story place them in, while evolving as they face their own individual legacies and demons.

What are their worst peculiarities?

As in real life, love, sexuality and sexual proclivities are among the driving forces of some of my main characters.  In Hell Scrolls that leads to both very good and some very bad things happening to the characters.

How does your main character evolve?

Through the events and action in the story my main character, Carl Benjamin, moves away from being a lone-wolf to become part of an effective team, while at the same time learning about the legacy of his father and the value of love and family.

What’s the principal message you want to send to your audience?

Readers interested in a combination of action, adventure and history, combined with the evolution of personal relationships, and spiced with strong realistic sexual encounters, will really enjoy Hell Scrolls.

Where can we purchase it?

Amazon Kindle edition

About J. Charles Sterin

Chuck MMR2-2J. Charles Sterin is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, investigative television journalist, author and screenwriter. Over the course of his 40 year career Sterin has produced over 60 hours of television documentaries, including episodes of A&E Network’s primetime series Investigative Reports an Ancient Mysteries, and documentary specials aired on PBS. Sterin is the author of the popular undergraduate textbook “Mass Media Revolution” (Pearson Education), and the history-based thriller “Hell Scrolls”(Connected Editions). Sterin co-produced a national media project with 10 of the world’s leading humanist thinkers (including anthropologist Margaret Mead, psychologist Carl Rogers, an anthropologist Ashley Montague) and was selected by the Poynter Institute to produce its seminal PBS documentary series NewsLeaders on the leading figures of American news media. He was the co-author, along with Richard Shames,M.D., of the trend-setting late 1970s holistic health primer “Healing With Mind power” (Rodale Press) and numerous holistic health articles published in Rodale’s health and women’s magazines.

Sterin is fascinated with the future of media technologies, especially the evolution of the Internet, mass media convergence, and artificial intelligence-based expert systems. He has developed innovative approaches to producing short-form, documentary videos in integrated content delivery platforms for “blended” online training and higher education. In 2001, Sterin joined the faculty of the University of Maryland University College – a world leader in Web enhanced an online college programs – where he has applied his interest in the evolution of mass media and media-based blended learning applications to the creation of a number of UMUC’s mass communications courses. Through these popular courses, Sterin has introduced thousands of students across the country and around the world to the study of mass media.

Today Sterin continues to developed innovative approaches to connect and communicate with a diverse body of students in multimedia enhanced face-to-face and online teaching environments, as well as pursuing his work as a documentary filmmaker, screenwriter and author.

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