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Secrets of Ravenstone by Yza-Dora

Published on Monday, October 27, 2014 by

Yzavela thought her life would be simple. But that was overrated. After escaping with her mom and pets from the Great City after a takeover in Parliament, strange events started occurring. They landed in a town called White-haven where from there they were taken on a bumpy ride through a mysterious fog that never evaporates. Along the way, Yzavela encounters some unusual people. The woman on the train, who gave her a strange unseen future. The Realtor, with the odd symbol on his desk that he was desperate to hide from her. Then, the man in the bookstore who talked in riddles and just disappeared. Now, the rider taking Yzavela and her mother to God only knows where. Who is he really? Where is he taking them? And will they be safe? They arrive in Ravenstone, a compound walled off by a black slate Mordor-looking wall where supernatural and paranormal beings dwell. Yzavela makes new friends and enemies during her first week here. She and her friends are then taken on a bizarre and unexpected journey set-up by the strange man from the bookstore, and they’re all put through tests of strength, courage and wills, but she’s the one chosen and must prove herself worthy of the task. Now, Yzavela must accept her newly given destiny….so how will she get through it?

What are the main themes of your book?

The main theme is Sci-Fi Urban Fantasy, set in the futuristic year 2025, with what everyone loves; vampires and werewolves. Plus, DESTINY leads a young woman down a path she never expected to travel.

Who or what inspired your story?

It was a dream I had one night believe it or not, and I know that sounds typical but it was so detailed that I decided to just take it from there, and continue the story. Once I did, the words, ideas and world of Ravenstone came together. It helps too, that I’m a major Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan.

What do you like best about your primary characters?

I’m the main character in the story, literally, so I can’t really comment much on that except to say that what I had to go through made me a much stronger person in my character. Marxus, the Wizard? Hmm. I love his character because he is a kind and powerful man that is highly respected, and he speaks in riddles – which even leaves me guessing at times. And Erik? Well….he’s my dream guy and is kind and gentle, but yet strong in character. He was born a vampire which makes him truly unique and special. Also, he becomes the love of my life in the story so watch out for that ladies.

What are their worst peculiarities?

Let’s start with me, shall we? I’m sassy and a downright smartass but in a good way, which gets me into a lot of trouble sometimes. Erik? He complains a lot when things don’t go his way and sometimes acts like a big baby, which is one of the qualities I learn to love about him. And Marxus. What can I say about him? He never answers questions when asked. He disappears and reappears suddenly and always talks in riddles, and has so many secrets that he won’t reveal yet. After all, I’m supposed to be the Keeper of Secrets, so what gives?

How does your main character evolve?

Well, I learned Martial Arts for one. Fighting and weaponry techniques for another. And I’ve learned who I can and can’t trust. Plus, I’ve gained the trust of Marxus and his dragon Axeon and proved myself worthy to run and takeover Ravenstone. I started out living a simple life but was then thrown into this new destiny which I completely accepted. I never give up and I always persevere. 

What’s the principal message you want to send to your audience?

Wow. That’s an interesting question which I’m still trying work out. Um, well…with all the issues in today’s society where people put you down or tell you that you’re not good enough, I’d say that my story shows you can overcome problems and to have faith and stand up for yourself. Don’t let people push you around. Have enough strength and confidence to know that if you failed at something….at least you know you tried, while others are left behind wondering how to move forward.

What’s the nicest thing anyone has said about your book?

“This was an interesting read. It is a blend of paranormal fantasy, steampunk, dystopian genres. The author blends the three skillfully throughout the telling of the tale and keeps the reader enthralled. Over all it is an interesting tale that seems to have legs that will carry it far. If you want a good read where you can tell the author put a lot of love into the writing this is for you.” -Author Scott Nichols

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Where can we purchase it?

It’s available for sale as eBook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and through Smashwords. Book 2 of our series “On the Evil Scale” is also available for sale with book three coming out in 2015.

About the Authors

Yza-Dora is a mother and daughter team. Yzavela (me) was born in Las Vegas in 1993 and is a Scifi-Fantasy author and developed the passion for writing after middle and high school where I won several literary awards. Doria (my mom) was born in New York City in 1953 and is a well known local artist and she too, won literary awards in her younger days, plus won several first place ribbons at local art showings. During our free time when we’re not writing, we love to spend time at home with our little black cat. We currently reside in Las Vegas.

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