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One Sixth of a Gill by Jean Gill

Published on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 by


A rare treat‘ – J.G. Harlond, author of ‘The Empress Emerald’

An eclectic mix – quite unputdownable‘ – B.A. Morton, author of prize-winning crime novel ‘Mrs Jones’

Five-minute reads.

Meet people you will never forget: the night photographer, the gynaecologist’s wife, the rescue dog.

Dip into whatever suits your mood, from comedy to murders; from fantastic stories to blog posts, by way of love poetry.

Fully illustrated by the author; Jean Gill’s original photographs are as thought-provoking as her writing.

An out of body experience for adventurous readers. Or, of course, you can ’Live Safe’. 

Not for you
the blind alley on a dark night,
wolf-lope pacing you step for step
as shadows flare on the walls.

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Author Interview

What are the main themes of your book?

It’s a full collection of very varied shorts: fiction, poetry and non-fiction so each piece is different but certain themes do recur in my writing. Dogs (of course), photography, childhood, love and loss all feature, and I think the common element is emotion. I’d like readers to feel what they read and to think about it. Brain food for busy readers.

Who or what inspired your story?

‘The Night Photographer’ arose from me reading a technical photography book on night photography that starts with advice on staying safe while risking the inevitable dangers of being out in the dark with an expensive camera and a tripod. That made me think about what kind of people night photographers are and then I was inside my character, much too easily!

The funniest back-story is probably that behind ‘The Gynaecologist’s Wife’. I wrote the poem in my head while undergoing an appointment and to distract myself from what was going on, I started wondering what the specialist’s wife thought of his daily activities and how it affected their sex life. It’s a good job that doctor had no idea what i was thinking. 

What do you like best about your primary characters? 

They are quirky and, I hope, memorable. Lou, the rescue dog, is in a series of true stories. He’s a special dog and I think the way I feel about him shows in the writing.

What are their worst peculiarities? 

I’d say ‘best’ peculiarities because that’s exactly what makes them interesting. They live on the edge and sometimes well beyond it. The night photographer says, ‘Trespass is my territory,’ and I think that’s true of many of the characters.

How do your main characters evolve? 

Lou was in a shelter cage for nearly three years when I sprung him and his return to family life was very moving. One of my fictional characters is a middle-aged woman who discovers a somewhat innovatory method of improving her appearance – the twists in this story have been well-received.

What’s the principal message you want to send to your audience?

No message. Just an experience.

What’s the nicest thing anyone has said about your book?

First reactions are all so positive it’s hard to choose but this is the most recent.

Each page will bring out a myriad of emotions you never knew you had.’ C.M.Stibbe 

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About the Author

Jean Gill is a Welsh writer and photographer living in the south of France with a big white dog, a scruffy black dog, a Nikon D700 and a man. For many years, she taught English in Wales and was the first woman to be a secondary headteacher in Carmarthenshire. She is mother or stepmother to five children so life was hectic.

Publications are varied, including prize-winning poetry and novels, military history, translated books on dog training, and a cookery book on goat cheese. With Scottish parents, an English birthplace and French residence, she can usually support the winning team on most sporting occasions.

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